Sailor Jerry – Sponsored Bowling Event for Bartenders

The brief for this project was to create an illustration to be used on all the various digital and print media, to pair in a unique and interesting way, the look and feel of the already established aesthetic of the Sailor Jerry brand.

I chose to recreate the look and feel in a clean and modern vector treatment, as many of the assets were printed on a large scale, incorporating a retrace of an existing Sailor Jerry Pin-Up design and my own assets related to the event in the same treatment.




The Gaia Chronicles

Character Designs


Exploring the main character, physique, facial appearance, clothing, characteristic features, etc.


Biocol Rebrand and Drena Campaign Re-design Pitch

Company logo re-design.

Logo Versions

A re-skinning of the original Bottle Design along with a re-design of the branding.

Ad Campaign mock-up for the two top-selling products, excluding various ingredient related assets pending.